Where Can You Find a Place to Hunt Hogs in Arkansas?

can-place-hunt-hogs-arkansas Credit: Boris Kasimov/CC-BY 2.0

As of April 2015, you can find a place to hunt hogs in Arkansas at Cuz and Cuz Wild Boar Ranch, Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch and Rolling R Ranch. Arkansas does not require hunting licenses to hunt wild hogs but does require tag and inspection fees after a kill.

Cuz and Cuz Wild Boar Ranch includes four ponds on 200 acres and provides stands in prime hunting locations. The ranch accepts two-day hunt bookings and provides a guide for the selection of a hunting location. The ranch skins and quarters the kill for a fee and offers disposal services for a reduced fee if the hunter chooses to skin and quarter his own kill.

Choctaw Hog Hunting Ranch books one-day, one-hog or two-day, two-hog hunts of its 300-acre, game-fenced ranch. The ranch guarantees a kill for hunt bookings that include a handler and hog dogs. It offers processing services after a successful hunt, or the hunter can choose to process the hog using the ranch's facilities for a reduced fee.

Rolling R Ranch offers two hunting areas: 200 acres of wooded hills and a 40 acre area stocked with trophy boars and sows. The ranch limits hunters at six to eight people per day. It offers minimally guided hunts with field dressing at no charge, while additional processing, such as skin and quarter or caped for trophy mounting, is fee based.