Where Can You Find Pictures of Ronnie Bass?

Pictures of the famous football player, Ronnie Bass, can be found on the informational page for the movie “We Are The Titans”. His picture can also be found on ABC’s website with his interview in 2007.

Ronnie Bass is known for being one of the main characters in the movie “We Are The Titans,” based on his experiences as a football player during a time of racial upheaval in Virginia in the early 1970s. After the movie was released, he did not do many interviews about his past but did remark that the movie was only partially accurate.

After he graduated college, he became a sports analyst until his son became a high school football player. As of 2015, he spends his days working at the athletic department at his son’s school and can be found in rare newspaper clippings about the football department for the North Myrtle Beach Chiefs team.