How Can a Person Hit a Softball?


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Hitting a softball requires a coordination of the batter's upper body, lower body and bat. The specific keys to hitting a softball include holding the bat properly, watching the ball as it is being pitched, striding into the pitch and maintaining a level swing.

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By breaking down every aspect of a batter's activities, it is easier to understand how to hit a softball better. The batter should square his or her shoulders to the plate while aligning his or her head and belly button while looking directly at the pitcher. Next, the batter should position his or her hands so that the second set of knuckles of each hand line up, and the bat lightly rests on his or her shoulder.

As with the shoulders, the hips should also square evenly with the plate, with a stance that is wider than the batter's shoulders. As the ball is pitched, the batter should slightly step forward, using a toe tap, which shifts the batter's weight slightly forward. This should result in the batter's front heel being firmly planted slightly forward in the batter's box. This will then result in a pivoting of the batter's hips, which will help generate power in the swing.

The bat should be level and the batter should keep his or her arms about chest high and lead with the elbow. The next action is to move the hands in a level movement toward the pitcher. As the arms go forward, the bat should then come into contact with the ball. Once completing the follow-through, the batter can begin moving to first base if the result of the contact was a fair ball.

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