How Can People Participate in NASTAR Ski Racing?

How Can People Participate in NASTAR Ski Racing?

Those interested in participating in NASTAR ski racing should visit the organization's website and register to receive a permanent NASTAR number. The number gives them access to public courses during operating hours to compete in daily and weekly events. The national standard race is used in 115 resorts that measures each racer's time against a national par time set at the Nature Valley NASTAR National championships and is the fastest time set on a NASTAR course.

The handicap system measures the racer's time as a percentage of the difference between that of the par time. If a handicap is 15, then there is a 15 percent difference between the times.

All of the NASTAR courses are based on the giant slalom, with 12 to 20 gates that the racers must navigate around. Once registered, a small fee is charged when entering a race.

The program works by holding competitions within the participating resorts and finishes each year with the top 10 nationally ranked racers in each age and gender groups within a division compete at the national championships.

Resorts report standings of racers routinely to NASTAR after races and the results and rankings for state and national competitors can be accessed through the official website.