How Can You Take Part in the National Senior Games?


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As of 2015, prospective participants of the National Senior Games are required to be at least 50 years old and have qualified from a previous year through a State Qualifying Game sanctioned by the National Senior Games Association. An eligible participant is allowed to qualify through either a qualifying game in her home state or in another state that allows competitors from outside the state to compete and qualify.

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The National Senior Games' various sports and events can have different standards of qualification. Details regarding specific qualifications are available on the National Senior Games Rulebook provided on the organization's website. These qualifications don't vary greatly from one year of competition to the next.

Most competitors who make the top four rankings of their state qualifying game are generally allowed to compete at the Nationals level. Some sports have slightly different qualifications, such as tennis, in which only the top three finishers qualify, or triathlon, in which all finishing competitors qualify. Team sports also generally only allow the top three ranking teams at the state qualification level to compete at the National Senior Games. Certain sports also include minimum performance standards that allow any competitors who meet those standards to qualify for Nationals.

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