Where Can You Find Out the Names of Pro Wrestlers?


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Pro-wrestlers.com offers many wrestler bios, which include the wrestlers' real names. ProWrestling has a list of pro wrestlers matched with their real names, as do 1oftball.com and deadwrestlers.net. LethalWow has a list that reveals the real names of female wrestlers.

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Where Can You Find Out the Names of Pro Wrestlers?
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Some popular wrestlers act in movies, write books, film documentaries and do other artistic and creative work. The credits for these works often contain the real names of the wrestlers. Wrestlers appear at conventions, which is another way of finding out their names, and some wrestlers may have their names revealed in documentaries and behind-the-scenes films that focus on wrestling. The end credit sequences for wrestling events also contain the real names of the wrestlers that appear on-screen.

Official wrestling magazines, as well as some sports magazines, contain articles written about certain wrestlers, which sometimes show the wrestler's full name. Wrestlers may have their real names shown on press releases, and pro wrestlers inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame will have both their professional and real names listed. There are several fan sites that have detailed information on most pro wrestlers, and there are several books that explore the real lives of particular wrestlers, as well as books that cover wrestlers from multiple decades, franchises, teams and nations.

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