Where Can One Find Remington 770 Prices?

Where Can One Find Remington 770 Prices?

Consumers can find manufacturer suggested retail prices for Model 770 Remington rifles on the Remington website, as of March 2015. Prices may vary by retail locations, so customers can locate the nearest store with the Retail Locator function on the Remington website.

Remington manufactures two versions of the Model 770, including a regular version and a camouflage-colored, stainless steel version. The price of a new Model 770 rifle starts at $383 for the regular type and $467 for the camouflage and stainless product. The bolt-action hunting rifle comes with a scope, textured grips and raised cheekpiece. Ammunition is sold separately. The rifle is not sold through the Remington website.

The website's Retail Locator searches by city, state and ZIP code. Remington states that if an authorized retailer does not have a particular item in stock, most stores can special order the firearm.

This rifle weighs approximately 8.5 pounds, comes with a 22-inch barrel and has an overall length of 42.5 inches. The boresighted scope comes premounted, and the detachable magazine holds four standard cartridges. Remington touts this rifle as "ready to shoot" out of the box. The Model 770 is based on the Model 700 and Model 710 rifles.

Cabela's sells the regular version for $329.99, as of March 2015. Impact Guns sells the same rifle for $323.69 when the item is in stock. National chain retailers such as Bass Pro Shops, Walmart and The Sports Authority sell Remington rifles, guns and ammunition.