How Can One Build a Gaga Pit?

Gaga pits have eight equal sides, and these octagonal rings can be either dug into the ground or formed above ground by the assembly of eight walls. Of no relation to the pop star of the same name, gaga is a kind of dodgeball that may also be referred to as Israeli dodgeball, though the game may have achieved worldwide success through its introduction to Australia. Constructing a gaga pit by digging it into the ground may be less convenient and much more difficult, time consuming and expensive than simply building an above-ground court using eight walls that can be temporarily erected and then torn down and reassembled in a different location.

Anyone who wishes to build a gaga pit by digging one into the ground should first ensure that they have adequate space and equipment to build an eight-sided pit that is about 15 to 20 feet across. This may require renting digging machines, such as a backhoe and ensuring that the desired pit site is not in the way of important water pipes, electrical lines or other underground utilities that can be damaged and cause injury during the construction process. A portable court built with removable walls can be built out of inexpensive lumber sheets that are held together with detachable hinges.