How Can You Be an Oakland Raiders Fan With Pride?


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People show their pride in the Oakland Raiders football team by buying memorabilia, attending games, joining the fan club and even getting commemorative tattoos. Raiders fans often also patronize sports bars that cater to them or join online chats about the team.

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Probably the easiest way to take pride in being an Oakland Raiders fan is by buying and wearing fan gear. Jerseys, especially with a specific player's name and number, are a popular choice. People also wear T-shirts, caps, shorts, track pants and even footwear with the Raiders logo. Memorabilia also includes houseware, license plates, banners, bags and pet gear.

The Oakland Raiders website features a special section just for fans, called the Raiders Nation. This offers ways to connect with other fans and keep updated on the Raiders' social media. Silver and Black Pride is a fan website dedicated to the Oakland Raiders where fans can read articles, chat, write their own commentary and upload fan photos of themselves.

The most permanent manner for showing allegiance to the team is to get a tattoo. Many people get tattoos of the logo or of a pirate-looking football player on their bicep, leg, back or chest. However, some fans have gone so far as to get their faces tattooed. A less-permanent option when attending games is to paint the face or torso with Raiders colors and symbols.

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