Where Can You Find a Marlin 308 Lever Action?

Where Can You Find a Marlin 308 Lever Action?

Use Marlin Firearms Retail Locator to find nearby Marlin Firearms dealers, who carry Marlin 308 Express lever action rifles as part of their inventory. Walmart also markets Marlin hunting rifles. Check nearby locations for availability of the Marlin 308 Express lever action rifle.

To use Marlin's store finder click on Retail Locator at the top right of the company website. At the store finder page, click on the Select State box to choose your state. Click on the Find Marlin Dealers button to get a list of dealers in your state.

Alternatively, click on the link to the Wal-Mart store finder and enter your ZIP code to have the Walmart website find nearby Walmart stores. Walmart provides a stock search tool that allows you to check the store inventory for the rifle.

The Marlin 308 Express is available in two models. The model 308MX has a 22 inch barrel and a walnut stock and fore-end. The model 308MXLR has a 24 inch barrel, two-tone laminante stock and fore-end, and full pistol grip. Both models offer tapped receivers for scope mounting and five shot tubular magazines. Be sure to inform dealers which model you are looking for before purchase.

To purchase parts for Marlin 308 Express lever action rifles contact Marlin's parts department or the gun dealer that the rifle was purchased through.