How Can You Find a Free Map for Pig Hunting in California?


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The state of California provides free maps in its Guide to Hunting Wild Pigs in California, available on the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website, located at DFG.ca.gov. The CDFG website also publishes the historical wild pig harvest by county as counted from wild pig license tags.

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The CDFG pig hunting guide gives a detailed history of pig hunting in California, legal requirements, legal weapons, hunting methods, recipes and maps of pig hunting areas on public land throughout the state. Unlike other popular game hunting, pig hunting is a year-round sport.

A majority of wild pigs taken each year are hunted on private land. Many companies offer guided and unguided pig hunts on ranches and private lands throughout California. These companies generally do not publish detailed maps of their hunting trails. Hunters must contact the private landowners directly to request permission to hunt on those lands.

The color-coded CDFG pig harvest map indicates which regions have the highest boar activity. Based on historical data, the Central Coast and Southern Sierra counties have the heaviest concentrations of wild pigs. Approximately 75 percent of annual wild pig tags are from the Central Coast, as of 2015. Hunters can use this data to determine which landowners to approach for hunting access.

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