How Can You Make a Homemade Corn Deer Feeder?


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To make a corn feeder, place a cap to one end of a 4-foot section of 4-inch PVC pipe, and attach a Y-coupler to the other end of the pipe, using PVC pipe cement to secure it in place. Drill drainage holes in a second cap, and use the pipe cement to secure the cap on the bottom opening of the Y-coupler. Leave the third opening of the Y-coupler open. Mount the feeder on a tree in the desired area.

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When attaching the Y-coupler, attach the piece so the straight edge aligns with the PVC pipe, and allow the angled section of the coupler to remain open. Prime the ends of the pipe with PVC primer before applying the cement.

To prevent other animals from opening the top cap, drill a hole through the cap and pipe, and secure the cap with an eyebolt. To mount the feeder, attach two eye bolts on each side of the feeder. Attach rope to the eyebolts to secure the feeder to the tree.

Paint the PVC pipe with spray paint after assembling the feeder. Use natural colors, such as green or brown, or paint the feeder in a camouflage pattern. Choose colors that match the surrounding environment. To easily locate the feeder, note its location using GPS.

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