How Can I Make Football Gloves Have More Grip?

The most effective method of adding more grip to football gloves is by using an adhesive spray. However, this may not be legal, so the rules of the league should be consulted first. Other methods include putting the gloves in the dryer or rubbing dirt on them.

When drying football gloves, the dryer should be set to high, and the gloves should be taken out after a couple of minutes. Gloves can also be dried in the sun. Gloves should be put on carefully after drying, as the process of drying often weakens the gloves. If the dirt method is used, the gloves should be spit on after the dirt is applied, and then any excess dirt should be wiped away.

There are a number of glove brands with different grip types. Cutters C-Tack has a tacky grip that restores itself when washed. Nike Magnigrip CL is known for its durability. Armour GrabTack has a sticky grip that goes over the palm and thumb. Neumann Tackified Leather Palm offers what is described as a tight and natural feel. Adidas Seamless Double-Coated High-Gloss Silicone Palm also goes over the palm and thumb. Gloves designed for wide receivers and running backs are designed to be soft, thin and flexible. Since sweaty hands can reduce the stickiness of gloves, ventilation is also an important consideration in when choosing a pair of football gloves.