How Can You Make an Eye Splice With a Three-Strand Rope?


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To begin eye splicing a three strand rope, first tape the end of the rope and cut off the melted end. Then, remove this original tape and individually tape each of the three strands with masking tape. Next, take one of the strands and unwind it from the other two.

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Put another tight ring of tape right where the three strands come together, and untwist the other two strands. Estimate how large the eye of the loop should be, and then use the center strand to begin the loop. Thread this strand right under a single strand of the rope where you wish the loop to close. Pull this single strand all the way through the rope's strand until the tape touches the rope.

Now take the strand on the left side of the original strand, and pull it through the strand that lays directly on top of the strand the center strand was tucked under. Finally, the right sided strand must be pulled through the strand directly below the strand the center strand was tucked under.

The tucking of the right sided strand is the most difficult, but if you are sure to tuck from left to right, then it is hard to go wrong. Pull all three strands tight through the original rope, and then begin to weave the three strands into the original rope. Bring the end of the strand over the strand above it, and then tuck it beneath the one above that. Repeat this process with all three strands until there are no loose ends.

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