How Can Lure Parts Online Help You Make a Fishing Lure?


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Lure Parts Online has individual parts for constructing lures divided by fish species, lure types and components, and it offers instructional videos on lure making as well as links to angler's workshops and lure making blogs. The company specializes in providing parts to users who build their own fishing lures.

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The company has a large library of tutorial videos covering many aspects of making several different types of lures. It has instructions on how to carve wooden lures from blank blocks of wood using a lathe. There are several videos on multiple painting techniques for coloring wooden lures, including how to use vinyl paints, how to airbrush patterns, how to apply crackle surfaces and how to incorporate gels and iridescent crystals. The videos also cover making spinners, adding rattles, changing hook configurations and inserting chemical fish attractant and scents.

Parts are arranged conveniently to help customers select components that will go together to make the desired lure. They are divided by species, including bass, muskie, walleye, crappie and pike. Trout and salmon are also covered, with additional information on fly tying. Some of the component sections have parts for building spinner baits, wooden lures, plastic baits, jigs and spoons. Users can mix and match colors and functional parts to create the bait they envision.

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