How Can You Locate Deer Feeding and Activity Data for Hunting?

To locate deer feeding and activity data for hunting, visit online resources such as and Enter your ZIP code to view deer-related data for nearby hunting locations.

The moon and sun directly affect deer activity and feeding times, as deer usually feed when the moon peaks overhead or directly beneath a location on the Earth's surface. When peak deer feeding times are near sunrise or sunset, it is considered optimal hunting time due to increased deer movement. There are other factors that contribute to optimal deer hunting, such as buck activity, signs of whitetail rut, wind direction and weather conditions.

To find local deer activity using, enter your ZIP code, and click Click to Create Your Hunting Deer Calendar. The website displays daily hunting forecasts for the entire month and the latitude, longitude and elevation of the area. Each daily forecast consists of the day length, sun and moon data, moon phase, and major and minor times to hunt. also features a deer hunter day rating for each daily forecast.

To use, enter your ZIP code, and click Get Chart. The chart features a line graph of deer hunting ratings for the entire month. The website also provides the sunrise and sunset time, minor feeding times, and major feeding times for the current day. Click on any point at the line graph to switch to that day's forecast.