How Can You Learn to Snowboard?

How Can You Learn to Snowboard?

There are many ways to learn how to snowboard, but the most common method for beginners is to practice at the beginners slope, learn how to turn and stop, practice snowboarding exercises and test your skills on the main slope. A snowboard is required.

  1. Go to the beginners slope

    Most mountains have a less difficult area set aside for beginners. It is sometimes called a "bunny hill."

  2. Learn turning and stopping

    Sit down, and strap your feet into the snowboard. Stand up, and begin moving downhill by pointing your front hand in that direction. Practice stopping by shifting your weight back onto the heel edge, and by putting your weight onto your toes. Practice turning by going downhill, stopping, then pointing your board back downhill to resume moving. Keep practicing while alternating both kinds of stops until you can turn without coming to a complete stop.

  3. Do snowboarding exercises

    Common exercises to learn control are side slipping and traversing, both of which can be practiced on the heel side and toe side. Two other exercises to learn are the falling leaf and the garland.

  4. Try the main slope

    This slope is steeper than the beginners slope and has faster riders. Use the basic techniques you've learned and be careful not to get in anyone's way.