How Can You Learn to Bowl Like a Pro?


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To bowl like a professional bowler, control your wrist by keeping it straight. Before releasing the bowling ball, start to run toward the lane. The exact ways to learn to bowl like a professional bowler depend on the resources you use.

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Learning how to control your wrist provides you with a better chance of hitting pins or getting a strike. Additionally, you can wear a wrist support for stronger wrist control and to help you keep your wrist straight. Make sure to focus your arm by centering it for better control rather than twisting it around. This technique allows you to release the bowling ball in the correct way.

Position your fingers correctly and firmly in the bowling ball by placing your hand in the four o’ clock and 10 o’ clock positions before letting it go to allow the ball to rotate correctly to hit the bowling pins. As you give yourself a running start, let your thumb come out of the hole during the downswing, and release the rest of your fingers when you start to arc your arm up to release the ball. Practice bowling by joining a bowling league to practice your form and improve your skills.

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