Where Can You Learn About Abalone Diving?


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The Department of Fish and Wildlife, diving schools and fishing guides can provide information on how to dive for abalone. In coastal regions, experienced fishermen may mentor others looking to learn the skill of finding abalone.

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Where Can You Learn About Abalone Diving?
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Experienced divers can learn about finding abalone by diving with a guide. The guide can provide information on how to identify the creature, which can be difficult to differentiate from surrounding rocks, and where to look for the largest abalone. Many diving companies offer guided fishing tours along the coastline of the United States. A guide can also ensure each diver has the appropriate training and fishing license needed to dive for game in the local region.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife can provide information on the legal requirements of diving for abalone. For instance, in California it's necessary to purchase a fishing license and abalone report card before hunting abalone in the state. The organization can also provide information on the allowable limit of abalone per diver.

Many people who hunt abalone and other shellfish learn from a mentor. Because oxygen tanks aren't allowed, abalone fishing is a dangerous sport that requires expertise. Mentors are often local fishermen who hunt abalone in their spare time and may be willing to work with a new diver to share their experience. Diving with a partner is often recommended, particularly when fishing with weighted belts or in unfamiliar areas.

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