Where Can You Find Information on Tug Hill Trail?

Information about the Tug Hill trail system is available on the Winona Forest Recreation Association website. Maps are available online through Mappery or NY Snowmobile Trails.

The Tug Hill trail system, located on the Tug Hill Plateau in Lewis County, New York, hosts over 500 miles of recreational trails. This area receives one of the highest annual snowfalls east of the Rocky Mountains with 200 to 300 inches of snowfall or more each winter. Snowmobiles, snowshoers and skiers use the trails extensively in the winter. Summertime attracts fishermen, horseback riders, kayakers, bicyclists and hunters. Additional information on the Tug Hill area can be found on the Lewis County Chamber of Commerce website, including snowmobile rules and regulations, monthly events and activities, and facts about the area.