How Can You Find Indiana High School's Football Rankings?


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You can find Indiana high school's football rankings by searching on websites such as IndyStar and Sagarin. The sites rank high school football according to Class, from class 6A to class 1A. Sagarin shows team ratings from top to bottom, in addition to the class listing.

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Sagarin ranks the football teams from class 6A to class 1A, in descending order. There is also a class labeled as unclassified. The rankings on this site are for 324 teams, based on the November 2014, week 15, state championship games. According to the site, the rankings are the work of John Harrell, who has been updating the rankings since 1981. If you feel there is a team whose ranking is incorrect, you can contact John Harrell through an email with the correct scores.

IndyStar ranks 10 teams in each of the classes, with class 6A at the top and Class 1A at the bottom of the list. The list for each team has the team's name, first place votes in parentheses, records through games of Tuesday, rating points and previous rankings. At the end of each class, there is a list of other teams in the class that are not on the top 10 list but are receiving votes.The ratings on IndyStar were updated in October 2014.

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