Where Can I Find a Glock 18 for Sale?


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Glock only sells the Glock G18 model to qualified law enforcement and military agencies, and private citizens cannot purchase a G18 or G18C through legal channels. Law enforcement and military agencies interested in purchasing these pistols should contact Glock directly to inquire about their availability and pricing.

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Glock introduced the G18 in 1987. It is a selectable-fire machine pistol that is capable of firing in semi-automatic or fully automatic modes. The G18 is chambered in 9x19 Parabellum and typically uses high capacity 33-round magazines. Due to the high recoil and high capacity of these small machine pistols, Glock introduced the G18C, a compensated version of the G18. The G18C has compensation ports cut into the top of the barrel to allow gas to escape before it reaches the end of the barrel. This lowers the recoil and makes the gun more manageable while firing it in fully automatic mode.

Private citizens in many countries can purchase the Glock G17. The G17 is dimensionally the same as the G18, uses the same ammo and can accept the same 33-round magazines. However, the G17 only fires in semi-automatic mode and cannot legally be made to fire in fully automatic mode like the G18.

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