Where Can You Find a Glass Backboard Replacement?

Some online retailers of glass backboard replacements for basketball hoops as of 2015 are Spalding Equipment, Top Hoops and Basketball Hoops Unlimited. Customers often purchase these products to replace damaged backboards and upgrade old basketball systems.

Spalding Equipment features the Arena Backboard, SuperGlass Pro Backboard, SuperGlass Collegiate Backboard, Bantam Backboard and SuperGlass Backboard for Main Court Portables. The Bantam Backboard is a training backboard with a smaller area, which helps players learn how to shoot a basketball by forcing them to focus on the target area.

Top Hoops sells more than 50 different glass backboards of the First Team brand. Customers can choose from background materials such as acrylic, aluminum, fiberglass, steel and tempered glass. Backboard widths are available in 48, 54, 60 and 72 inches.

Basketball Hoops Unlimited offers institutional grade replacement backboard retrofit kits to upgrade existing park and playground basketball systems. It also has conversion kits to upgrade fan-shaped backboards into regulation glass backboards.