Where Can You Find Fishing Rod Setup Diagrams?


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BassJack.com and AllFishingBuy.com are two places to find fishing rod setup diagrams as of 2015. Beginners, as well as pros, can use these diagrams to understand the parts of a fishing rod and how to piece everything together.

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BassJack.com starts off with describing the various parts of a fishing rod and providing tips on choosing the right rod, reel, main and leader line, sinkers and hooks. Each description comes with an accompanying image of the part in question. The final part of the section describes setting up the rod using specific items, complete with a diagram to show where each part fits.

Before jumping into the setup, AllFishingBuy.com discusses the art of pole fishing and related advantages and provides a summary of the fishing poles. The first diagram shows the reader how to attach a line to the fishing pole and illustrates how to tie a knot and create a loop, and how to put it over the tip of the fishing rod. The next diagram shows how to attach a float to a line depending on the available rubber stopper. After attaching the float, the next diagram illustrates the concept of adjusting the line and the weight so that the float sits just right. The setup diagram displays the right position and the wrong position side by side while the last diagram shows how to wrap the sinker around the fishing line.

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