What Can You Expect at a Volleyball Tryout Evaluation?

Participants at a volleyball tryout evaluation can expect to be judged and scored based on overall attitude while interacting with the team, athletic ability to perform on the court and skills related to a particular position during practice games at tryouts. Judges are also seeking athletes who communicate with team members, demonstrate leadership skills and are eager to learn new skills.

Volleyball tryouts typically prompt participants to complete workouts that may include pushups, distance runs, curls and crunches during warmup and cooldown sessions. Skill competitions to evaluate serving, setting, blocking, passing and attacking are common at volleyball tryouts. Coaches commonly rotate players through various stations to evaluate skills during competitive activities, practice games and endurance drills.

Skill drills at volleyball tryout sessions and camps include ball control as partners pass and set the ball to one another. Attacking drills involve spiking the ball from several different positions to determine speed and strength. Participants may also be required to set, dig and serve the ball while working with a small group or a partner during a volleyball tryout. Coaches may also require individual drills that test agility, accuracy and ball control in front of a panel of coaches, players or judges.