How Can You Ensure a Child's Helmet Fits Right?


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Ensure a proper fit for a child's helmet by choosing the proper size and making adjustments to the padding and straps for a snug fit. Check the fit and comfort of the helmet through a few steps to ensure a good fit and give the helmet the best chance to protect the child's head during an accident, suggests the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

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How Can You Ensure a Child's Helmet Fits Right?
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Choose the size of the helmet by placing in onto the child's head. Ensure that the helmet cannot move side to side and fits snugly before the straps are fastened. If a perfect fit cannot be established for an exact helmet size, choose the larger of the options and use sizing pads or a universal fit ring to compensate.

Position the helmet properly by ensuring there is no more than the space for two finger widths between the child's brow line and the helmet. Ensure the child can look upward and see the brim of the helmet to ensure proper positioning.

Tighten the straps on the helmet so that there is room for no more than one finger between the child's cheek and the strap. Direct the child to open his mouth and gauge whether the helmet is pulled down onto the child's head, signifying a properly tightened strap, states the Children's Hospital website.

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