Where Can You Find DIY Plans for Ice Fishing Shack Construction?

can-diy-plans-ice-fishing-shack-construction Credit: New Brunswick Tourism/CC-BY 2.0

WisconsinOutdoor.com, MnSportsmans.com, MotherEarthNews.com, BackYardSpaces.com and WaterAndWoods.net all have construction plans for ice fishing shacks. Plans available range from easy portable pop-up units that can be built for under $50, as of 2015, to more intricate designs that employ skis, runners or a trailer with wheels for transportation.

The simplest plans require plywood, 2 x 4 boards and a tarpaulin that can be broken apart for easy transportation in a vehicle. More intricate designs incorporate old skis — runners made from lumber or a trailer frame with wheels that allow the unit to be towed to the desired location with a snowmobile or ATV. If a heater of any fuel type is used, proper ventilation must be installed.