Where Can You Go Deer Hunting?


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In the United States, a person can hunt deer in any state, given the availability of the animals for hunting. In each state, there exists different laws pertaining to what licenses a person requires to hunt, the dates that hunting deer is legal and what weapons a person can use to do so.

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Every state has a season that hunters licensed in that state can hunt deer; however, the limits of these seasons are not the same in all states. To hunt deer in any single state, prospective hunters must find the dates for their intended weapon in the state of their choosing.

As of 2015, in Ohio, for example, hunters can hunt and trap whitetail deer using bows starting in late September and ending in early February. The window for hunting with guns is much smaller, spanning from late November to the end of December. These seasons are regulated by the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The availability of deer may also differ from state to state, due to environmental considerations. Some of the most popular states for deer hunting are Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania, due to the high population of whitetail deer in these states. The National Wildlife Refuge System has a database where hunters can locate national refuges where hunting is facilitated for the best experience.

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