How Can You Customize Your Football Gloves?


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Elevated Athletic Group and G Sportswear both allow customers do design their own football gloves. A variety of elements can be customized for both aesthetics and performance.

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Football gloves are an important part of a players uniform. Along with helping a player effectively handle the ball, the gloves can make a statement. Gloves can be customized with logos, sayings or other designs that speak for the team or for the player wearing the gloves.

Elevated Athletic Group has a glove designing tool on its website. A customer can select a pair of regular gloves and then customize the grip, the color, and the design of the glove. Both the palm and the back of the glove can be customized. A popular feature for the back of the gloves is an image that appears when the gloves are crossed. An example is half the team logo is printed on each glove, and when the gloves are crossed, the entire logo can be seen.

G Sportswear also offers the same service for its football gloves. Visitors to the company's website can choose colors, logos and statements and create a pair of gloves that are functional as well as representative of the player who wears them.

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