How Can You Get a Copy of a Naruto Jutsu Guide?


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There are multiple free sites that give detailed information on Naruto Jutsu. Both LeafNinja.com and NarutoHQ.com provide general guides to Naruto Jutsu as well as in-depth instruction on techniques.

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There are three general categories of Jutsu: Taijutsu (body techniques), Genjutsu (mind techniques) and Ninjutsu (techniques that rely on alternate sources of strength). To perform a jutsu, a ninja will activate his or her chakra (bodily energy) and may also use a hand seal. Both chakra activation and hand seal techniques are detailed at the LeafNinja.com guide. Further, the NarutoHQ.com guide discusses the seven ranks of jutsu, from "No rank," or Hiden Jutsu to "S-rank, " or Extreme Level Jutsu.

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