How Can You Get a Concealed Carry Permit?


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To get a concealed carry permit, determine if you meet all the qualifications in the state you are applying, request an application from the state department that handles concealed carry permits, complete it and return it. The process varies depending on the state and jurisdiction.

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Possible jurisdictions are Shall-Issue, May-Issue, No-Issue or Unrestricted. Shall-Issue means that any applicant who meets the minimum standards for a permit is issued one, without needing to demonstrate a reason for the permit. The granting authority cannot choose to deny an applicant who meets the minimum standards. May-Issue jurisdictions also have a minimum criteria for applicants, but the granting authority can choose to deny an applicant for its own reasons. Applicants may need to demonstrate why they need a permit.

No-Issue means that no citizen can carry a concealed weapon. There are typically exceptions, such as those in law enforcement or the military. Unrestricted jurisdictions do not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Depending on the jurisdiction, permits may or may not be issued to non-residents. A jurisdiction also may or may not recognize concealed carry permits from other jurisdictions. Training may be required to obtain a concealed carry permit. This can include instruction on firearm mechanics, gun safety and a practical component where the applicant uses a gun.

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