Where Can You Find a Chart of Hornady Bullet Ballistics?


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Hornady Manufacturing provides a bullet ballistics chart on its website, accessible from its Ballistics Resources menu, as of 2015. The document is downloadable as a PDF file in either standard or metric versions. The company also offers an on-line ballistics calculator that duplicates the chart information with advanced parameters.

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The ballistics chart on Hornady.com provides data for ammunition, identifying appropriate pairings of bullets and cartridges for various uses. Hornady matches product line, cartridge type and bullet type with velocity, energy and trajectory under a variety of maximum ranges. An example is Hornady's Full Boar line using a 223 Remington cartridge and a 50-grain copper alloy expanding bullet. At 300 yards maximum range, the ballistics are a velocity of 2,074 foot-per-second, an energy of 477 foot-per-pound and a trajectory of -7.2 inches.

The chart for handgun ballistics is similar, adding barrel length and eliminating trajectory. That for shotgun data removes product line but retains trajectory. Rifle or handgun testing uses a 24-inch ballistics barrel specified by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute. Shotgun testing employs a 30-inch barrel for 20 gauges and 26-inch barrel for 12 gauges.

Hornady's online calculator accepts combinations of ballistic coefficient, velocity, weight, maximum range and interval. Generated information includes energy in foot-pounds and trajectory in inches. The advanced options include drag coefficient, the height of the gunsight, the relative height of the target from the shooter, and zero range. Environmental factors such as wind speed, humidity, altitude, temperature and barometric pressure further refine the results.

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