Where Can You Find a Chart of the Best Fishing Times?


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As of 2016, websites such as HuntFishSport.com, SolunarForecast.com, FishingReminder.com and In-Fisherman.com each provide a chart of optimal times for fishing in a local geographic area. Chart timings are derived based on an individual's local area.

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Where Can You Find a Chart of the Best Fishing Times?
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HuntFishSport.com uses local GPS coordinates to derive optimal fishing times for the month based on the rise, transit, and setting of the sun and the moon in the local area.

SolunarForecast.com requests a user to input ZIP code, month and year, then it produces a chart for that month along with moon phases, each fishing day's rating and an explanation for the rating.

FishingReminder.com produces the moon phases and a rating for the day, although results are only shown for one day at a time.

In-Fisherman.com produces a chart of moon phases and the best times to fish, and it allows users to search by type of fish.

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