Where Can You Buy a Tecumseh Ice Auger?


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Buy engine or replacement parts for a Tecumseh ice auger on Amazon and with distributors such as D-Rock Ice Center. Tecumseh does not make full ice auger units. However, Strikemaster augers come in full units with Tecumseh parts and cost $400 to $500 when purchased from D-Rock Ice Center.

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Tecumseh engines and carburetors are some of the most trusted types of parts for ice augers, and ice fishermen can use Tecumseh parts in Strikemaster auger units. An interested and dedicated person might choose to build his or her own ice auger by purchasing Tecumseh parts from Amazon or companies such as D-Rock Ice Center. That process takes a longer amount of time, but it can save money.

Many Strikemaster ice augers come with Tecumseh engines, but Tecumseh does not make complete auger units themselves. The ice auger brand, Jiffy, also uses Tecumseh engines in many of their designs, so both Jiffy and Strikemaster serve ice fishermen as trusted brands in the industry. Jiffy ice auger are available directly from Jiffy Ice Drills or from distributors such as Mills Fleet Farm. The pricing is similar to that of the Strikemaster ice augers at $400 to $500 dollars depending on the power and style of the auger.

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