Where Can You Buy a Schwinn Whizzer?


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The original Schwinn Whizzer is no longer manufactured, so the only places where one can be bought is through classic collectibles companies or individual sellers at places such as eBay.com, Bike-Urious.com and Dave's Vintage Bicycles. Whizzer bikes and conversion kits were sold by Schwinn from 1939 through 1965. Whizzer USA began selling models made on Schwinn bicycle frames in 1997, and several other companies currently sell Whizzer-style motorized bicycles with different engines and on a variety of bicycle frames.

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Several original Schwinn Whizzer bikes are available on eBay, as of Nov. 17, 2015. The bikes are in a variety of conditions from nonworking and needing to be rebuilt to those completely remanufactured and in mint condition. Pricing of the bicycles varies considerably depending on the condition. There are also several Whizzer parts available with many vintage and newer items, including wheels, gas tanks, clutch assembles and chrome handles.

Dave's Vintage Bicycles has several vintage Whizzers in excellent condition, including Chicago, Black Phantom, Roadmaster and Sportsman models.

Whizzer USA ceased production of the newer models around 2009 but some custom manufacturers, including Extreme-Scooters.com, still produce Whizzer-style motorized bicycles. Extreme-Scooters makes a 26-inch tall bike with a 123cc, four-stroke engine mounted on a vintage Schwinn-style frame.

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