Where Can You Buy Kids' Helmets?


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The Toys "R" Us website hosts a wide selection of colorful children's bicycle helmets, many of them branded after popular cartoons, and sites like Wal-Mart's online shopping site and the Amazon marketplace also sell helmets for kids. These sites provide information about safety ratings, sizes and other statistics necessary to choose the right helmet.

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Aside from online locations, many sporting goods stores, such as REI, also carry children's bicycle helmets. For convenience in ordering, online marketplaces, like eBay, are another good option. They also carry very large selections because they do not rely on central storage of goods or on traditional warehouse maintenance and upkeep.

Sites like Wal-Mart and Toys "R" Us both cater to children from toddlers taking their first tricycle rides up to young tweens and teenagers riding more serious bicycles. This means that searching for the appropriate helmet entails matching size and safety rating to the child's age and their level of advancement in cycling. A good helmet should always compliment its bicycle in performance.

Online marketplaces provide access to many options as to coloring, decorations and other design factors. They also quote specs on each item description page and encompass a wide variety of price ranges so that bicycle helmets for kids are accessible to parents and guardians on many different budgets.

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