Where Can You Buy Henry Big Boy .357 Magnum Ammunition?


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Since the Henry Big Boy .357 repeating rifle ammunition is interchangeable with those of other .357 Magnum caliber rifles and handguns, its ammunition can be purchased from licensed online and brick-and-mortar ammunition retailers. The Henry Big Boy repeating rifles are modeled after classic Western repeating rifles and is also available in .45 and .44 Magnum calibers.

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The Henry Big Boy .357 repeating rifle has a 10-round capacity, which can also be loaded with .38 Special caliber. It must be noted, however, that due to the difference in muzzle velocity between the two calibers, the rate of drop of the .38 Special will be significantly larger than the .357 Magnum when fired from the Henry Big Boy rifle.

Since the Henry Big Boy repeating rifles weigh a robust 8 lbs., the usually strong recoil from .357 caliber bullets is somewhat dampened. Most of the weight is from its 20-inch octagonal barrel and its receiver, which is made from solid brass. It also has a brass barrel brand and a brass butt plate on the stock made with solid American maple.

The .357 Magnum caliber ammunition was developed in the 1930s. It is well-known for its stopping power, which makes it a popular choice as a self-defense caliber. When purchasing .357 Magnum ammunition, it is a good idea to take its price into consideration, as all Magnum ammunition can be somewhat expensive.

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