How Can You Build Your Own Tower Blind?


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You can make a tower blind with a sturdy wood frame secured by steel brackets, onto which you nail plywood panels for floor, walls and roof. The platform rests on wooden legs and concrete foundations. Each component is prefabricated in a workshop and only the final assemblage done on site, using some equipment for heavy lifting. FreeDeerStandPlans.com offers plans for various home-made tower blinds for free.

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As wild animals shy away from humans but do not react to man-made structures, hiding in a tower blind is important in hunting animals such as deer and moose. They are also suitable for wildlife photography. A good location for tower blinds is typically at the border between a forested and an open area.

Some choices when deciding how to build your tower blind is whether to make it free-standing or attach it to a tree to save material and work, how many hunters it should accommodate and whether you expect it to give full protection from the weather or not. In cold climates, you can consider adding insulation and a gas heater. The simplest option for covering doors and shooting openings is camouflage netting. Another option is a mobile tower blind, which you can disassemble and fit into a small truck.

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