How Can You Build Your Own Goose Hunting Blinds?


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Build a goose or duck blind by constructing a braced floor, adding two-by-four studded plywood walls and a roof. Add a bench in the back and a flap made of light wire cattle panel for shooting.

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Locate the goose blind in a field or on a levee that gives you access to the bird's flight path. For a floating blind, add several plastic foam logs under the floor to provide stability while the unit floats.

The blind serves several purposes. It keeps hunters dry when it is raining or snowing, and with the addition of a propane heater, it keeps them warm. However, its primary purpose is for camouflage so the geese are unaware of the hunter's presence until it is too late. Finish the blind by painting it a color that blends with the natural surroundings. Attach camouflage netting using a staple gun and zip ties for better hiding.

While a permanent blind is acceptable for hunting leases or your own property, when hunting in public locations, you may find it necessary to improvise. Build a temporary blind by tying a piece of camouflage burlap to twigs for support. While it is effective at hiding the hunter, it cannot provide the same protection as a permanent blind.

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