How Can You Find Bikes for Trade?

How Can You Find Bikes for Trade?

Different bicycle stores and manufacturers have programs that accept trade-in bikes for store credit, including Trek, partnerships with Bicycle Blue Book and private shops. Evaluated bikes receive a rating and value; there are specific guidelines and restrictions involved at each location.

Trek trade-ins operate at stores nationwide; bikes must meet the requirements, fill a vacancy in the inventory and be in good working order. Department store bikes are ineligible, and customers must take their bikes to the shop and leave them for up to 24 hours for evaluation.

Bicycle Blue Book is a trusted source of accurate estimates for the value of used bicycles. BBB partners with retail dealers who offer trade-ins for store credit. Stores issue credit after the initial evaluation based on the BBB; some retail partners give more credit for bikes originally bought at their stores.

Independent shops also participate in trade-in programs, Cycle Super Stores in Ireland has a program that accepts bikes valued above a minimum price, and allows customers to use the credit on any merchandise in their store. Deliveries of bikes bought with store credit are available.

When trading in a bike, retail stores require proof of ownership and a photo ID before the process begins.