How Can Beginners Learn to Skateboard?


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To learn to skateboard, put on protective equipment, practice standing on the skateboard on a soft surface, and gently push off outdoors. Learning to skateboard takes a significant amount of time and practice. Do not attempt tricks until you are comfortable riding.

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  1. Wear protective clothing

    Skate shoes make skateboarding easier and safer. Protect yourself further with a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.

  2. Practice standing on the skateboard

    Get familiar with the skateboard before you ride. Find an area with soft ground, such as on grass or carpet. Stand on the board. Move around, and try to balance on two wheels. Practice rocking back and forth.

  3. Figure out your stance

    Usually right-handed people push off with the right foot and ride with the left foot in front. However, some skateboarders prefer to ride "goofy," which is the opposite. If you are not sure which stance to choose, experiment with both.

  4. Push off

    Go to a smoothly paved area away from any traffic or people. Place your front foot over the front truck's screw. Push off with your back foot, and place it on the tail of the skateboard after you start rolling. Start slowly, and keep practicing until it feels natural. Try switching your front and back foot until you find the best stance.

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