Where Can You Find an Airsoft Luger Pistol?

Where Can You Find an Airsoft Luger Pistol?

The Airsoft Luger pistol is available for purchase from the Airsoft Megastore. Distributed by its manufacturer, the WE Luger is a replica of the World War II semi-automatic weapon, and it is a fully metal gas blowback airsoft device.

The gun is offered from the Airsoft Megastore, featuring features a full metal construction of high quality, a toggle-locked, recoil-operated firing mode with a functional safety switch and a pistol grip made of ABS composite texture.

The pistol operates as a semi-automatic gas blowback device. Its barrel is medium length, and it has a muzzle velocity of between 320 and 350 feet per second, The magazine holds 15 rounds. Its hop-up is adjustable, and it weighs 2.1 pounds. The magazine has to be cocked up or the action back up for the magazine has to be loaded into the gun. Also, the action has to be cocked up for the magazine to be released. It is possible to adjust the rear sight for distance.

The type of ammunition it uses is seamless 0.20g or heavier, such as 0.23g, 0.25g, 0.26g and 0.28g. Even though it kicks very hard, the pistol is very accurate.

This gun was originally made in Germany and was made famous as the side gun of the German Army during World War I and II.