Can You Get Air Conditioning for Tents?


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There are several styles of air conditioners for tents on the market. Such air conditioners have varying levels of cooling capabilities and are usually powered by a battery or generator.

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Tent air conditioners are available through most camping supply retailers and can vary greatly in price depending on quality, power level and supply and features. The most basic, inexpensive coolers utilize a fan running over ice to cool the tent. Many air conditioners can also be used as heaters for camping in cooler months. The most sophisticated air conditioners run on power from a generator. These can reduce humidity while cooling and effectively cool larger tents, but they can weigh up to 200 pounds. Smaller tents can do well with a smaller unit that runs on a battery about the same size as a car battery. If the air conditioner is for a larger tent, modification to the tent may be necessary to accommodate the cooler and air exchange pipes.

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