What Camping Supplies Should You Bring When Spending Several Nights in the Forest?


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When spending several nights in the forest, bring camping supplies such as shelter, bedding, cooking items, clothing and personal items. To determine which camping supplies best suit your trip, find out where you are going, how long you are staying, and whether shelter is available in the form of a cabin or lean-to or whether you must bring a tent, hammock or other portable shelter.

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When tent camping for several nights in the forest, bring a tent, ground cloth or tarp and extra stakes. An axe or hammer to pound the stakes, a mat for the tent entrance, and a dust pan or brush are all useful. Bedding supplies should include a sleeping bag, pillow, and a sleeping pad, cot, tarp or air mattress.

The right cooking supplies to bring for a camping trip depend upon the style of camping. If spending several nights in the forest and carrying everything in with you, pack more lightly than if you're arriving in a vehicle or staying in a cabin. Fundamental cooking items include a water jug, a stove with fuel or propane, matches or a lighter, fire starters, utensils and dishes. Other helpful items include dish soap, a campfire grill, plastic baggies, dish rags and seasonings.

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