What Are Some Camping Items to Take on Vacation?


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Camping essentials include first aid kits, tarps, extra clothes, matches, butane lighters, toilet paper, flashlight and camp chairs. Choices will depend on where someone is camping and how.

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A good quality first aid kit is something that everyone should have for camping. First aid kits should include any prescribed medication, roll bandages, general bandages, sunscreen, bee sting treatment, feminine products, alcohol, peroxide, gauze, antibiotic soap, disinfectant spray and hot/cold packs.

Personal hygiene items to take include toothbrushes, hairbrushes and deodorant. Taking extra clothes is helpful in case of falling in water, spills or mud. Trying to dry out next to the fire in wet clothes can be near to impossible and also cause someone to get sick. Extra blankets can be helpful in the case of the weather turning colder at night than expected, as well as extra layers of clothes.

Items for food preparation to take include pots, pans, grills, charcoal or propane, depending on the type of grill and ice. If staying in a tent and not an RV with a refrigerator, there will need to be a tightly sealing cooler full of ice to avoid spoiling. Coolers that do not seal well and have food inside can also draw animals like bears into the camp.

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