Is Buying a Winchester .30-30 Rifle Online Considered Legal?


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It is legal to buy a Winchester .30-30 rifle online, but on certain conditions. The person who is buying the rifle must be 18 years of age or older if he intends to buy the Winchester .30-30 rifle from a licensed seller online.

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Federal law allows for the sale of Winchester .30-30 rifles online by both licensed and unlicensed firearm sellers. An estimate of 22 states together with the District of Columbia do not allow for the sale of a Winchester .30-30 rifle to a person who is less than 18 years old from a licensed or unlicensed firearm seller.

Unlicensed firearm sellers are not allowed to ship their Winchester rifles to buyers of any age in another residential state through a normal carrier, contract carrier or U.S. Postal Service. They are only allowed to do so in their own state.

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