How Do You Buy a Texas Fishing License?


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Texas fishing licenses are available for purchase online at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website, as well as at 1,700 retail stores in the state, including sporting good stores, groceries, department stores and gun shops. A variety of licenses and stamps are available for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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How Do You Buy a Texas Fishing License?
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The fishing licenses are broken down by length of time the holder plans to fish, if the angler is fishing in freshwater or saltwater, if the license holder is a senior citizen and if he resides outside of the state. Fees vary depending on these factors.

Fishing licenses are either valid for a year or for a one-day period. The year period begins on August 31. The license includes either a freshwater or saltwater stamp endorsement, or both stamps may be included. The stamps allow anglers to take the fish from state waters. Another stamp allows anglers to catch and take one red drum annually.

Fishing licenses are not required for anyone under the age of 17, anyone born before Jan. 1, 1931 and some people with mental disabilities. Oklahoma residents over age 65 and Louisiana residents over age 65 who hold a Louisiana recreational fishing license are also not required to have a Texas license. Persons fishing from the banks in state parks do not need a license, either.

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