How Do You Buy Savage Arms Products in Canada?


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Buy Savage Arms products in Canada by finding a distributor near you. Find a distributor by clicking on the International Distributors button at the bottom of the Savage Arms website, then typing Canada in the search field that appears. The stores have their contacts listed.

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You can also find a Savage Arms dealer from Canada by clicking on the Dealer Locator button, then clicking the Dealer Listing by Country link. After you enter Canada on the search list, a list of stores appears, again with their contacts included. Because their addresses are listed, you can determine which store is most convenient for you. You can then decide to visit the store in person. If you already know the exact type of product you're seeking, you can order online.

Arthur Savage, a native of Jamaica, established Savage Arms in 1894. The company made its mark in the gun industry with the Savage Model 99, a lever action rifle. Savage Arms was a major distributor of firearms in both World Wars. Today, the company manufactures rimfire rifles, bolt action rifles and single shot rifles among many other types of guns. The company also manufactures apparel, knives and gear, magazines, choke tubes, and replacement parts.

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