How Do You Burn Out?

How Do You Burn Out?

To burnout, engage both the brake and gas pedals in your car at the same time. Balance pressure on the brakes to allow the rear tires to spin while holding the front tires in place.

  1. Ensure the car is rear-wheel drive

    Attempting burnouts in a car with front-wheel drive can cause damage to your drivetrain. Only attempt burnouts with rear-wheel drive cars.

  2. Shift your car into first gear

    Push your clutch in all the way, and shift the car into first gear. Keep the clutch depressed, and use the gas pedal to rev the engine to high RPMs while the car remains stationary.

  3. Engage the brakes and release the clutch

    Pull the car's handbrake, or put your foot on the floor brake. Remove your foot from the clutch quickly, and press down on the gas pedal. The car remains stationary while the back wheels spin at high speeds. Release the brake to "peel out" of your burnout.

  4. Install a line lock

    To make burnouts easier, you can install a device called a line lock. Line locks allow you to keep pressure on one set of brakes at a time. With them, you can keep the front brakes activated while disengaging the rear brakes, letting the rear wheels spin for a burnout.