What Are Some Bull Redfish Fishing Tips?


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Bull redfish are most often found in deeper waters, at depths from 18 inches to 3 feet. Look for movement along the surface of the water, particularly near grassy drop-offs, which they like to cruise. They feed head down in shallow water, so if any redfish are in the area, their backs and tails break the water. Because they spook easily, stop all movement and slowly drift closer, anchoring upwind.

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Do not cast too closely to the school. Instead, let the bait sit at the bottom of the river and wait for the bull redfish to pick it up. Move it slowly; jerking the line frightens them and causes them to vanish. Live bait and scented artificial bait attract them.

Once the redfish has the bait in its mouth, it typically swims away slowly, which feels like a strong, steady pull on the line. Wait for the fish to tire itself out and float closer to the boat.

Bull redfish can reach up to 51 pounds and exceed 45 inches. They are aggressive and powerful fish, capable of stripping the line off the reels. They are crucial for species reproduction. They feed by scent as well as sight, eating everything from small baitfish to crustaceans.

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